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I am mesmerized by boys who wear their hair in buns

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date a boy with dark hair and light eyes, date a boy whos sassy, date a boy with glasses, date a boy with a tragic past, date a boy with strange shaped scars, date a boy who’s defeated a dark lord, date harry potter

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you can preach about slut-shaming all you want, but you can’t deny there’s something very wrong with 13 and 14-year old girls going out in skirts and dresses so short they barely cover their asses and shirts with necklines so low they show off cleave they haven’t got yet, drinking and even smoking and hooking up with guys before they even have a substantial knowledge of how sex and sexual relationships work.

Thank YOU

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2034 mama awards. bigbang perform Fantastic Baby for the 23rd consecutive row. GD brings his wife onto the stage as she goes into labour. The baby arrives wearing a crown and a YG tshirt. He has become the fantastic baby. All VIPs bow down to worship their lord and saviour.

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